Our staff is trained on our dog products, and knowledgeable in dog nutrition, so you can be sure that our products are the best of the best. From our made in the USA food and treats, to wellness supplements that provide additional dietary fortification to all sorts of fun toys and supplies, we have everything you need to help your dog live their best life.

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dog food

Dog Food

Our products are the best available in their categories from kibble to fresh frozen, from value priced to best in class raw organic. We have foods formulated for sensitive GI tracks, allergy prone pets, highly active working dogs, couch potatoes, nursing mothers, and puppies.

dog treats

Dog Treats

Our treats are all made in the USA, and are the most scrumptious in the land! Fresh meaty bones, grain free biscuits, dehydrated meats of all kinds, all good for your pet and delicious to boot! Bring your dog in, they will certainly help you choose their favorite!

dog toys and supplies

Dog Toys & Supplies

There aren’t very many things better in life than playing with your dog and rewarding them for a job well done… or a job almost well done… or an attempt at the job… or even just because they look at you that certain way! We have a great assortment of toys and supplies for your four-legged friend.

dog wellness

Dog Wellness

When you feed a balanced diet of good food, you can be sure your pet is getting the nutrition they need. But some pets require a little extra, and the supplements we have are formulated and chosen to work with our foods for the best results in your pet.

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What people are saying…


They take care of my two Great Pyrenees and do a wonderful job.



Wow, if you want your dogs healthy for future older years, you need to feed them wisely now- that’s why Cheyenne dog food company is really awesome! Knowledgeable about my little dog’s, and our big adopted dog’s needs . The dog bath seems fun but I haven’t used it yet. They make “overwhelming” so much less stressful. My dogs are looking good- very good and happier. I was concerned a bit about the cost but the vet we see in FC said they are actually healthier and the weight issues for one is gone. Wow… I didn’t know.



They were wonderful!! My little dog is such a pain to have her nails done, but they were so patient and gentle with her. Wish we weren’t just traveling through and could always use them!!


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