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Cheyenne Dog Food Company is proud to offer the best in dog and cat food nutrition. Our products are the best available in their categories from kibble to fresh frozen, from value priced to best in class raw organic. We have foods formulated for sensitive GI tracks, allergy prone pets, highly active working dogs, couch potatoes, nursing mothers, and puppies.

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Only the Best for your Dog

Our manufactures are American, all our food products are made in the USA, using the best available, regionally grown ingredients. Some ingredients come from non-US sources, but all are recognized best in class. Lamb and rabbit from New Zealand, fish from Norway. Our staff is trained on our products, and knowledgeable in nutrition. Together, we’ll find the best options for your companion, and we can guarantee your pet will love it! Please let our staff know if you would like to be personally contacted by any of our suppliers.

Cooper’s Corner

Cooper is the official dog mascot of Cheyenne Dog Food Company and here’s a dog food he’s quite fond of this month!

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Cooper’s Favorite

Cooper’s hard at work coming up with his recommendations, check back soon!

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Self Wash

We know what it’s like to bathe your best friend at home, and we know what it’s like when you’re finished…how can dogs trap so much water in their coats? Our Self Wash area is the perfect solution!

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Need a bag of dog or cat food, but no time to make it to the store? We’ve all been there. We can deliver your order right to your front door.

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What people are saying…


What a great company! They were so very helpful when our fur baby needed to change food. Their products are excellent.



Love this place, the workers to the knowledge! Highly recommended and the prices are good especially given they can tell you just about everything from the ingredients to the brand history on all there products and if they don’t know your answer they make sure to find out for you.



Best pet store in Cheyenne. Great grooming experience. Well stocked with supplies for your pet’s every need!


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