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There aren’t very many things better in life than playing with your dog and rewarding them for a job well done… or a job almost well done… or an attempt at the job… or even just because they look at you that certain way! We have a great assortment of toys and supplies for your four-legged friend.

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Best Value in Toys and Supplies

We take pride in offering you the best value for your dollar on the accessories you need for your dog. We have a selection of quality manufacturers, and we stand behind their products. There isn’t anything in the store that we don’t use, or wouldn’t use. Leashes, collars, harnesses, in nylon, leather, for back country, single hand leash attachment, training collars, muzzles, and fun stuff like Harley and John Deere designs! We also have a selection of grooming items you’ll need to keep your pet’s coat healthy, shiny, and with less shedding. From shampoos to de-shedding combs, we’ve got you covered.

Cooper’s Corner

Let me tell ya, I love a good dog bed as much as the next guy. Here’s my favorite toy or supply this month!


Cooper’s hard at work coming up with his recommendations, check back soon!

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Self Wash

We know what it’s like to bathe your best friend at home, and we know what it’s like when you’re finished…how can dogs trap so much water in their coats? Our Self Wash area is the perfect solution!

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Need a bag of dog or cat food, but no time to make it to the store? We’ve all been there. We can deliver your order right to your front door.

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What people are saying…


So impressed with the service. It took me 30 minutes to figure out what brand of dog food I was using while searching online in the store. The owner was very nice and patiently waited ad I looked it up. Although they weren’t able to get me that brand, she ordered me a better product for my large breed pups. Unbeatable customer service! The machine was having trouble taking my Google pay, I ended up paying with my card. No biggie.



Expert knowledge of dog nutrition. They only sell the highest quality food and treats so you never have to worry.



I have been using Cheyenne Dog Food Company for a little over a year now. When I first rescued my dog (he’s a great pyrenees) he had been abused, severely malnourished and was incredibly underweight. It was so hard to get him to eat or take any kind of supplements. I came into the store hoping to just find some other kind of dog food and I received amazing recommendations and tips that I firmly believe saved my dogs life. Even my vet noticed a huge turn around. The goat milk they sell mixed with a high calorie, healthy kibble is what finally did it! A year later and he is healthy and happy! I will never buy food or treats anywhere else. Thank you Cheyenne Dog Food Company! You are AWESOME!


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